The Big White Box and Family Storyboard concepts are a brilliant way to get the whole family in for a fun and fresh portrait session, resulting in some incredibly natural and fun images, showing unposed real expressions. Ideal for all the family, adults, children and teens will have a great time – you can even bring the dog to join in too!

The Big White Box is exactly that – a white box which can fit an entire family – we’ve had two parents, five children and a dog in there so far! Everyone can bring their favourite things with them to create a truly individual set of portraits – skateboards, cuddly toys, a BMX, baking equipment, if it fits in the box with you, the sky is the limit!

The Big White Box concept is designed around a grid of nine images assembled into a square format to show your family at its best having fun together in a relaxed, informal and modern way.

If your family is full of huge characters, then the Family Storyboard may be for you. Similar to the Big White Box, the Storyboard captures big natural expressions and your family being fun and natural. Unlike the box, the images are concentrated on the upper body, so faces and expressions appear much larger in the frame against a pure white background.

The concept is designed specifically to show all your family in their own story, hence the Storyboard name. It is ideal for showing a sequence of 12 or 20 multiple images on a beautiful wall panel. It looks great in colour but even more amazing in stunning black and white.