Stuart’s Bio

Portrait photography, specialising in families and children forms the core of Stuart Rouse Photography. The professional home-based studio that he operates from provides the basis for the home-from-home experience that he offers, along with a superb personal touch, something which he firmly believes that sets his business apart from the traditional high street studio.
Stuart’s awards include The Xperience Family Portrait Photographer of the Year and a number of his family and child images have been awarded Consumer Choice Awards.
At the age of 15, Stuart’s first camera of choice was a Minolta 35mm film SLR and some of his first photography projects included photographing the building of the M25 Queen Elizabeth II bridge and the London Dockland’s Canary Wharf tower. Stuart’s interest in aviation extended his camera skills into photographing aircraft and air shows.
In the mid-90’s Stuart began to see the benefits of digital photography. Even then in its infancy, a camera not much bigger than the size of a pack of playing cards was seen as more beneficial than a film camera. Although aviation photography at this point had taken a step backwards, the small digital compact gave photography a whole new lease of life for Stuart – no more restrictions to a roll of 24 or 36 images and images with instant results, and absolutely perfect for family holidays and travel.
Eventually, proper serious photography found it’s way back into Stuart’s life – the small digital compact had finally made way for a Digital SLR. Along with it came a reinvigorated desire to photograph aircraft again, something which continues to this day. Landscape and travel photography rapidly became a passion, a branch of photography that Stuart pursues at every opportunity, the highlight to date being the Lauragais region of France as part of a photographic road trip through the country.
Portrait photography, flash and studio lighting became an important part of Stuart’s photographic journey, developing into wedding photography for a couple of years whilst located in Hampshire. When he and Caroline relocated to Northamptonshire, the opportunity to open a small portrait studio came, which is where his portrait work happens today. Stuart Rouse Photography is a family-run business – Stuart and Caroline aim to provide the perfect portrait experience to all and hope to welcome you very soon.