I am proud to announce that I won the top prize in a prestigious industry competition for my portrait photography skills.

I won in the family portrait category at an awards ceremony on Monday. I am one of four overall winners of the first annual Xperience Photography Awards. The other categories were: Open, Pets, Teen and Under-Fives.
The family featured in the winning image have won a wall portrait worth more than £500.
I knew that the competition was going to be tough and I was fully aware of the very high standard of photography offered by my fellow group of photographers and studios. I am proud and excited to be recognised for my photography by winning the family portrait category of the Xperience Awards 2015. I’m really looking forward to working hard as we go forward towards the 2016 awards. There’s no better time to start than right now, where all my clients have the opportunity to have some of their best images entered for the chance to win a stunning wall portrait like my family of four generations did.
The image which came out on top is of four hands, each of them belonging to the first born girl of each generation, spanning 67 years of their family. The family visited the studio for a family portrait session with their 3 year old daughter, her grandmother and great grandmother where I grasped the opportunity to make this unique image for the family.
I am passionate that portraits have a very special place in the family home, rather than locking away photographs on a computer which are rarely looked at. This drives me to make fantastic family portraits for my clients which they can cherish forever.
All of the winners will now have their work displayed on promotional material at trade shows and events across the UK.